A sailing boat on a choppy sea

011506  Louis Charles VERBOECKHOVEN [1802-1889] Shipping on Choppy Waters
oil on panel, 16 x 19,5 cm

Louis Charles VERBOECKHOVEN [1802 Warneton-1889 Brussels] A marine painter descending from a family of deep-rooted, artistic traditions. His father Barthélemy Verboeckhoven (1759-1840) was a sculptor, whereas his older brother Eugène (1798/99-1881) – a renowned animal painter. In his oeuvre, the artist focused on marine themes. He collaborated very often with Eugène who filled his canvases with figures and animals. Louis Charles was a member of the Academy in Amsterdam. He received numerous prizes and medals, namely in Brussels, Lille, Arrais, and Cambrai. His work is represented in museums in Aix, Ypres, Liège, and Leipzig.

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