A lake view

011036   Otto Eduard PIPPEL [1878-1960] 
A lake view (Der Valdensee der Obschtalden, Walensee mit Städtchen Mühlehorn) 

oil on canvas
dimensions: 80 x 100 cm / 96 x 116 cm
signed.p.d."Otto Pippel."

Otto Pippel was born in Lodz. He studied in Strasburg, Karlsruhe, and Dresden. After graduation, Pippel settled in Planegg, near Munich. Between 1903 and 1908 he spent some time in Lodz, where several exhibitions of his works were held. In the meantime, he travelled around France, Italy, and Russia. He was most appreciated in Germany, especially due to his landscape painting. 

Pippel's views from Germany, France, and Poland were generally held in impressionist manner, rich in light and colour. Apart from landscapes, in his oeuvre there were also portraits, genre scenes, and copies of the old masters. His paintings are exhibited in museums in Munich, Bonn, Leipzig, and Mainz.

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