Portrait of a Girl

010044   Hermann Kauffmann [1873-1953]
Portrait of a Girl, 1914 
oil on canvas, 120,5x 120,5 cm (without the frame); 133,5x133,5 cm (with the frame)
signed l.r. "Herm Kauffmann jun. 1914" 

Hermann Kaufmann Jr.(1873-1953) was a Munich painter and a son of a famous artist of the same name - Hermann Kaufmann. After his education at the School of Crafts (Gewerbeschule) and at the private School of Painting,  he went to Italy to study Old Masters art. Later on, he settled down in Hamburg for a while but eventually returned to Munich. Until the end of the 19th century he was focused mainly on portrait paintings. At the turn of the centuries his artworks were exhibited frequently on a prestigious art shows in Munich and Hamburg.  One of the most notorious show, that he took part of, was in the Munich Glass Palace. In 1905 his artworks were included in the Great Art Exhibition in Berlin. As an artist he often dealt with an oriental motifs which was a popular subject matter of his art. His paintings are characterized by a classic composition and precise, academic style.