Adam and Eve

020159   ERTÉ (Romain de TIRTOFF) [1892-1990)
Adam and Eve, 1982
screen print / seriagraphy 
dim. 84 x 45 cm, 117 x 69 cm (in frame),
signed p.d.: Erté

ERTÉ (Romain de TIRTOFF) [1892-1990] was a French artist of Russian descent. His pseudonym was taken from the French sound of his initials. Erté was a versatile artist, called the art deco father. He was active in many artistic fields such as painting, graphic, costume, scenographic and jewelery design. The artist cooperated with the fashion magazine Harper's Bazaar. On the wave of art deco style reviwal in the sixties, Erté started creating limited screen prints, with influence of his previous designs and costumes. Two years before his death, Erté also designed limited bottles and Courvoisier cognac.

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