Male portrait

012023   Władysław BAKAŁOWICZ [1833-1903] 
Male Portrait, 1866

pastel on paper, dim.: 65,5 x 55 cm
sign.: l.l. 'Ladislas Bakalowicz 1866'

Władysław BAKAŁOWICZ [1833-1903] began his artistic education at the School of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Later, in 1863 he moved to France. In the beginning, he painted mostly portraits, genre scenes and historical paintings on topics concerning Poland ad Polish history. However, most representative of his work and style were genre and historical scenes representing France at the turn of 16th and 17th century. Bakałowicz exhibited his works at the Salons de Paris between 1865 and 1883, in Brussels, Berlin, Vienna, London, and New York. He showed his paintings also on Polish grounds, in Zachęta, the Krywult's Salon(Warsaw), and in the Society of Fine-Arts (Cracow). Museums in Warsaw and Cracow hold his works in their collections.

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