Idyll with a couple of shepherds

020144   Wacław BOROWSKI [1885-1954]
Idyll with couple of shepherds
pastel on paper, dim.: 80 x 65 cm
sign. r.b.: W Borowski

Wacław Borowski was born 1885 in Łódź, and died in the same place 1954. He was a polish painter, graphic and stage designer. In the 1905-1909 he studied in Cracow at Fine Arts Academy, learned by Józef Mehoffer, and also art history at Jagiellonian University. In the years 1909-1915 he lived in Paris, and fascinated in old painting he copied a lot of paintings at museums. 

In years 1911-1914 he traveled to Italy and studied reneissance art. 1914-1919 years he spend in Switzerland. When he was going back to Poland he lived in Warsaw, where in years 1927-1933 he was a professor of painting and composition in Art Institute. 

He was active at many fields of art, for example easel painting, decorative wall painting, as a polichromy in Warsaw King's Castle. He was also graphic, posters designer, book illustrator, and scene designer for theatres in Warsaw, Cracow and Łódź. 

He was co-establisher and director of artistic group ''Rytm'' and member of graphics associate ''Ryt''. He belonged to ''Sztuka'' polish artists associate. He exhibited a lot also in Poland and abroad and his waorks won some prizes many times. 

Borowski's art belongs to ''classical'' kind of polish painting related with artists of ''Rytm'' artistic group. His painting features simple and geometric forms, but also soft and static composition, based on rythm, move and line. Calm and harmony are supported by subtle pastel colors made mood of cheerfull melancholy.

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