014016   Max STRECKENBACH [1865 - 1936] Pansies
oil on canvas,  30,6 x 40,8 cm, signed l.l. "M. STRECKENBACH"


Max Streckenbach (1863-1936) was a German painter, born in Eckernförde (Schleswig – Holstein) to the pharmacist Udo Streckenbach and Maria Wiebke. Between 1876 and 1885 he attended school in Schleswig. Afterward he studied medicine in Munich, Berlin, Rostock, Kiel and Bern. Around 1900 he went back to Eckernförde where he painted mostly flower compositions with pansies, poppies and lilacs. His artwork are characterized by classic composition, soft modeling emphasizing object's volume, and a warm colour pallette.  

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