A Pierot Figurine

031067   A ''Pierrette'' Figurine, Germany 1920s 
Schwarzburger Werkstätten für Porzellankunst 
designed by Dorothea Charol

dim. h. 25 cm

Dorothea Charol [1889-1963] was a german Art Deco sculptor. She studied in Dresden Kunstschule Richter, learned by Arthur Lange, also at University of Bruxells, Munich, in Studio Schwagerle and in Italy. She worked for example in Berlin. She achieved recognition in 1916 in Munich secession enviromment. She created acts, and portrait bustes with natural dimensions. She worked independent for many porcelain manufactures as Volkstedter and Unterweissbacher. She also designed figurines of an exotic dancers inspired by Tales of the Arabian Nights for Rosenthal.   

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