Football players

020142   Zdzisław STANEK [1925-1996]
Football players

ink on paper, 
dim.: 29,5 x 41,5 cm
on the back by ink "Zdzisław Stanek"

Zdzisław Stanek was one of the most interesting artist of polish neoavant-garde. He was into painting, graphics & sculptures. At the beginning he painted strongly cubistic still lifes, figures and landsccapes, in which he didn't exceed the abstraction line. After 1956 his ouvere came closer to informel and even surrealism.
He published and was a co-funder of one of the first avant-garde groups in post-war Poland- St- 53. Thanks to the group he heard about Władysław Strzemiński's art and ideas which pushed him to notice the meaning of visual awarness-raising. This fascination lead his work to use more luminous than specific formes. In this period his figures are more undefined, airy and phosphoresce. Whatsmore shapes in his artworks comes from organics and geometric forms. He strongly depicts its conection with nature.
Other important element in his artworks is light, which atomise and penetrate through paintings. In his artwork he comes from flat spaces throught expressive painting's texture, collages, reliefs, to scupltures.
From the beginning his art was appreciate by critics and curators in the country and around the world. He was also an author of exhibitions both: group and indiosynchratic for ex. in Warsaw, Katowice, Szczecin, Bytom, Paris, Berlin, Munich, Bonn and Ostrava. 



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