010046 LÉON DE SMET [1881-1966] Nude, 1927 
oil on canvas, 80 x 70,5 cm
signed l.r. "LEON DE SMET 1927"


Léon de Smet (1881-1966) lived in Ghent and his oeuvre is compared with masters of impressionism: Claude Monet and Emile Claus, even tough his style was on the edge of impressionism and postimpressionism. De Smet was a member of Sint- Martens - Lathem Group since 1913. His works were presented at the Salon in Antwerp, Ghent and Brussels, as well as in parisian Montagne Gallery, Venice Biennale and Leicester and Burlington Galleries in London. In London, at that time he achieved the greatest attention. 

His paintings characterise typical impressionist twitched brush strokes and various color palette. "Female nude" from 1927 is an extraordinary work  among others because the style of this picture imitates Art Deco (hard contour, long brush strokes, contrastive colour palette).

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