Spanish market

013517    Adolfo Lozano SIDRO[1872/4-1935] Spanish Market
watercolour on paper, 54x42 cm

Adolfo LOZANO SIDRO [1872/4 Priego de Córdoba - 1935] was a painter and illustrator. Sidro was born in Priego de Córdoba, and moved to Malaga with his family where at the age of fifteen he started to study at the Academy of Fine Arts. In 1890 he went to Granada and became acquainted with the local artistic milieu. Having already elaborated on his own artistic style, characterized by bright colour palette and precise drawing he changed the place of his residency for Madrid in 1892. As one of the most appreciated Spanish illustrators, he worked with ‘Blanco y Negro’ and ‘ABC’ magazines since 1913. He became witty and well-known chronicler of his time thanks to his illustrations of costumes, ceramic,  and furniture. Even though he settled in and worked in Madrid he was returning to his home in Priego constantly. Sidro died in 1935 in his native neighborhood.   

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