Fun on the ice

011124    Willem de KLERK [1800-1876] Fun on the Ice
oil on panel, 29,3 x 38,5 cms, signed l.r. „W. de Klerk”

WILLEM de Klerk [1800 Dordrecht - 1876 Dordrecht] was practising his skils in ateliers of Pieter Hofman (1755-1837) and Adrianus van der Koogh (1796-1831). Klerk was a member of Artist Society "Pictura" in Dordrecht. During 1827-1828 he lived in Ardens and in 1835 he visited Ren Valley to paint river lanscapes. In 1838 he moved to Czech Republic and Saksony and two years later, as a result of his returning in Netherlands he married Ida von Bezsekoom. Artist is well - known for his landscapes compositions. In mature works, critics compare his works of art with output of Barend Cornelis Koekkoek (1803-1862) - a well known painter from Dodrecht. As so Klerk's style was decribed as "Koekkek's from Dordrecht". Hist works of art are part of many important museum collections, for example Rouen and Nimegue.

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