Flowers in a vase

014004   Joseph Georges JEANNIN [1841-1925]
Flowers in a jar
oil on canvas, dim.: 92 x 79,5 cm / 73,5 x 61 cm
sygn. l.d. "G.Jeannin"

GEORGES JEANNIN [1841 Paris - 10.12.1925] Jeannin debut on salon in 1868 and since than he regulary exhibit his works there, he get there numerous prizes around 1880. In 1903 he become an honour legion chevalier. He become famous by canvases which depicts still lifes and flowers. From 1898 untill his death in 1925 he chaired into Fine Arts section in French Gardening Club. His paintings are exhibit in museums in Paris, Rouen and Hague. 

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