A Woman Portrait

010045   Simon GLÜCKLICH [1863-1943]
A woman poirtrait
oil on plywood,
dim.: 39 x 30,5 cm (framed: 62,2 x 52,2 cm)
sign.l.g "S.Glücklich"

Simon Glücklich  (1863 Bielsk- 1943Munich) was born in Bielsk (then Austrian Silesia, now Poland) as a son of decorator Leo Glücklich.

In the years 1880 – 1890 he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, under supervision of Leopold Carl Müller. He lived and worked in Vienna till 1917, then he moved to Munich, where he settled down. Two long trips which he made to Italy (1890)  and Baltic cost (1920)  were of a great importance for his later work.

At the beginning of his professional life Glücklich focused on genre painting, later he begun to paint landscapes, still lifes and mythological scenes.

Many of his art works from the turn of the centuries correspond with  the popular belief that man and nature form together a harmonious unity, which was characteristic for Art Nouveau.

In the last period of Glücklich work, he painted mostly portraits and acts of high bourgeoisie. Two art works painted by Glücklich, namely Children’s Quartet and Bouquet, were bought by Franz Joseph I during exhibitions organized in 1890 and 1898 by Künstlerhaus in Vienna. In 1905 Glücklich won gold medal at the Internationale Kunst-Ausstellung in Munich.

His works can be found in the collections of various German museums, among others in Neue Pinakothek in Munich.

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