Still life with roses and tulips on stone pedestal

010035   Jan Pieter BRUEGHEL [1628-1684]
Still life with roses and tulips on stone pedestal, 1655-1670 

dim.: 79,5 x 57,5 cm, oil on canvas

Jan Pieter Brueghel was born in 1628 in Antwerp, in a family of deeply rooted artistic traditions. The famous Renaissance painter Pieter Bruegel the Elder (ca. 1525-1569) was his ancestor. Jan Pieter Brueghel was a son of Jan Brueghel (II) and Anna - Maria Janssens and a nephew of Jan Brueghel the Elder (1568-1625). His father was also his teacher. 
In 1646 he joined the Brotherhood of Saint Luke. Between 1645 and 1662 he worked primarily in Antwerp. In Liege, he collaborated with Walter Damery and he painted Madonnas in flower wreaths. According to the recent studies (Willigen / Meijer, 2003) from 1664 to 1684 he was active in Italy. 
The painting Still life with roses and tulips on a stone pedestal appears in the catalogue of the artist's works in the archive Rijksbureau voor Kunsthistorische Documentatie/Netherlands Institute for Art History.

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