Portrait of a Woman

012039   Sonia BORNSTEIN [1907 - 1944] Portrait od a Woman, 1926 
oil on canvas, 81 x 60 cm / 108 x 86 cm, signed. l.r. „Bornstein 1926”


A painter of Jewish origin, born in Warsaw, Poland. Sonia Bornstein was showing her paintings at the Parisian Salon. In 1926  she exhibited „Porait of a Woman” and „Portrait of a Girl”, in 1927 – „A Girl in the Window” and „Old Shore”, and in 1928 – „An Old Harbour in Marseille” and „White Cottage”. From 1926 the artist lived in Paris, but quickly moved to Montrogue. In October 1929 she took part in an exhibiton of Polish modern art („l’Art polonais moderne”) at the Édition Bonaparte Gallery in Paris. In the same year she displayed her works at the individual presentation at the Mots et Images Gallery and at the „Jewish Artists of our Time” (Jüdische Künstler unserer Zeit) at the Salon of Henri Brendee in Zurich, Switzerland. At the beginning of 1930s, due to efforts of  the Jewish Association for the Advancement of the Arts, an exhibition of her paintings was organized in her hometown – Warsaw.
In the catalogues of French exhibitions her name is often misspelled as Borstein or Bernstein.


Słownik Artystów Polskich, t.I, Instytut Sztuki, Polskiej Akademii Nauk, 1971


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