Portrait of a Young Lady in Profile

012031   Jean-Baptiste ANTHONY [1854-1930] Portrait of a Young Lady in Profile
oil on panel, 37,5 x 27,7 cm, signed u.r. "J. Anthony"

A Belgian painter born on the 3rd January 1854 in Antwerp. Anthony, the son of a goldsmith, intensively studied Old Masters, he gained recognition as a painter of religious and historical scenes. The artist executed an altarpiece for the Antwerp Cathedral depicting the history of St. Barbara. Furthermore, he was commissioned to paint the wing of an altar of St. Anna and the Stations of the Cross in St. John's Church in Herzogenbusch. His oeuvre inludes paintings such as: "The Portrait of St. Elisabeth von Ungarn", "Antique Dealer", "Wedding at Cana", and "Maria von Burgund on a pilgrimage to Dadizele with Women from Brugge"(1800). 

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